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"Reasonable voice in the room..."

Reasonable Voice


Originally started as a podcast series, which has been posted on a National Public Radio affiliate and featured as a regular series of short articles in a multi-city business journal, the brief pieces found here are far different from lengthy writing of position papers, press releases, or testimony before government agencies. They provide a quick read and a glimpse into a “reasonable voice” in the room.

Crisis Communications for a 24/7 News Cycle

Mentors Provide Best Example of Leadership 

Power of Handwritten Notes 

Respect and Civility is at the Core of Mutual Gains

Seeing Around Corners

Turn Off the #$%^ Phone 

Legal and Communications Strategy during Crisis 

The Best Right Decision 

Everyone Needs a Boss 

Checklists for Flying… and Life 

Communications for MBA Students? 

Time for a Chief Integration Officer 

The Value of Trust and Empathy

PESO – The New Currency of Communications 

The Importance of Confidentiality and Trust 

1:00 am Ethics – It’s Usually the Little Things 

Getting to the Table 


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